About Us

…and like all the most beautiful stories, that of the 'Doimoflair' was born out of passion…

Doimoflair offers an excellent selection of products thanks to established direct relationships with manufacturers and leaders in the sector.

Year 2004: the “Doimoflair” was born on request and since then has been taking care of every product with determination and enthusiasm and increasing awareness in the sector. Excellence comes with an unbeatable value for money and a lot of Italian passion.

If we have a business philosophy? Well; no! What is certain is that we will continue to fall in love with the quality products, we will continue to look for the best materials to build because we want every product IN “Doimoflair” emerges with “passion” of our history.

Why choose us

i bicchieri utilizzano materiali plastici completamente riciclabili


Use and reuse durability over time (USE and REuse)

bicchieri personalizzati infrangibili e indistruttibili, in plastica riutilizzabile


i nostri bicchieri sono super resistenti ma leggerissimi