Conical Tumbler AC 300cc. -Transparent

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Lightweight – Stackable – Ideal for use in outdoor environments – unbreakable, shock resistant – resistant to dishwasher washings – Made in Italy and certified. It completely replaces the Cocktail Glass glass where the glass cannot be used.


The minimum order for this glass is 1 pack of 120 glasses individually packaged, total 120 pieces.

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Transparent conical frost juice glass, in rigid plastic customized with your own logo or graphics

This transparent customizable juice glass made of noble plastic and with an elegant design, is unbreakable and therefore perfect for any situation both at home and outside.

Excellent alternative when glass cannot be used for practicality or service needs, therefore perfect for any occasion.

Exemplary evolution in food and beverage, with ecological production methods and the creation of intelligent products that create glasses with perfect proportions, treated with attention to detail and extraordinary quality.

In the same way, the juice glass frost glasses reflect the glass in terms of brilliance and transparency, associating its long life, resistance to frequent washing and consequently indestructibility.

In Acrylic, shiny and long-lasting products

It is light, versatile and ideal for outdoor use because it is unbreakable, resistant to shocks and resistant to washing in the dishwasher.

This goblet is made in Italy and certified

– Innovative

– Stable

– Original

– Easy to handle and above all customizable

The conical frost juice glass adapts to the contemporary world with the right enigmatic added value.

Definitely the most used conical frost tumbler glass that perfectly meets the stylistic needs of a 360° use.

Logo customization is available upon request, from one to a maximum of 2 colors with a minimum order of 240 pieces.

With multiple physical characteristics, acrylic boasts excellent chemical resistance, high heat distortion temperatures which makes it suitable for frequent dishwasher passages, excellent toughness and ability to support loads.

Being free of Bisphenol-A (BPA-Free) it is versatile in food use, in fact it is abundantly used in the manufacture of objects of daily use.

Glasses made from this material stand out for their brilliance and clarity.

Temporarily available in transparent, or another model in black and white

Customizable conical frost juice glass in AC with your own logo or graphics and you ensure a fantastic event possibly available another type of similar model or slightly smaller.

In conclusion, it is the ideal alternative to glass glasses. Reusable and practical. Extremely versatile, perfect for both garden parties and elegant receptions, great for any party or occasion.

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Dimensions of the single glass

Upper diameter 93 mm
Height 101 mm
Thickness about 2 mm
Weight 93 gr
Edge capacity 430 cc

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Weight 13 kg
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